About Us

At DIGIRIZE, it's our mission to find the right processing solution to help your business succeed, no matter how big or small, in any of our approved verticals!

Featured Partnership

DIGIRIZE was developed to be the name of the internal processor for our founder's digital agency, DIGILISM: Creative Digital Solutions. Realizing there was an issue in the merchant processing space, Christian teamed up with a seasoned veteran in the industry, Taylor Payments Corp, and thus "DIGIRIZE: Authorized. Period." was born and has serviced over 50+ clients in its first 3 months of inception alone.

DIGIRIZE was founded in 2018 in Tampa, Florida, and partnered with merchant experts Taylor Payments Corp in February of 2019. Together we aim to build new age payment solutions for the diverse, evolving and dynamic market of today's business world. Our products offer a vast array of operational features that extend beyond regular processes that are currently out on the market. Backed by provisional patents, strategic partners, and all around solutions...we plan to disrupt and improve upon traditional processes, backed by our proprietary blockchain technology and streamlined processes.

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