We Serve A Wide Variety of Industries

DIGIRIZE is eliminating the difficulties that develop for high-cash businesses due to costly payment processing solutions and traditional banking models. With this, we believe we can service almost any industry regardless of how small or big your business is. See if we can help your business vertical today!

CBD & Cannabis

With Cannabis finally becoming more widely accepted across the nation, credit card processing is still a major issue in the industry. The passing of the hemp bill helped, but there is still a lot of scrutiny and very specific regulations revolving around both the hemp and marijuana plants.

Cannabis businesses are still struggling to obtain full-support from the government and large banks. As a result, these businesses are unable to keep a viable credit card processing solution in place to properly grow sales in a nation that is transitioning to cashless. The lack of support is threatening their overall integrity and structure, threatening their ability to cover overhead costs and holding them back from being the truly great organizations they strive to be.

At DIGIRIZE, we have tailored our credit card and payment solutions to address all existing and future complications within the Cannabis space. Enjoy the benefits of an easy application, same-day-funding of sales dollars, an innovative e-check system designed to quickly pay your vendors and employees, and an extremely secure platform for peace of mind. Join DIGIRIZE today and experience for yourself how we will help you accelerate your CBD/Marijuana/Cannabis based business today!

Restaurants & Hospitality

Restaurants and hospitality based businesses are the easiest to trick when it comes to processing, and we believe it just isn't right! At DIGIRIZE, we see this as a huge issue in the market, as many business owners have no clue how to read their merchant statement or monitor costs when it comes to a processing solution. They are told one thing, then suddenly hidden fees appear, and their rates automatically go up with no warning as the bottomline begins to suffer due to the outrageous processing cost.

At DIGIRIZE, we are transparent with our systems and pricing, so much so that we'll lay it all out for you in black and white. We believe you should understand exactly how your business will benefit as a direct result of our solutions. Don't be swayed into a solution that SOUNDS good, join us and we'll show you what a solution that IS good. Enjoy a piece-of-mind while running your restaurant/hospitality based business by using DIGIRIZE today.

Retail & E-Commerce

Both retail and e-commerce stores have something in common: each business needs dependable merchant services (AKA credit card processing). At DIGIRIZE, we believe the biggest misconception is business owners have limited knowledge when choosing a merchant processing company, so they use mainstream providers such as Stripe, PayPal, Square, or even Clover.

We have learned many business owners don't realize how these simple solutions offering one “flat-rate” for all transactions could be costing them way more money in the long run. We have found many of our clients, both storefronts as well as e-commerce shops, actually qualified for much lower transaction fees and percentages than what those mainstream companies are charging! Some of these clients even qualified for our cash discount program, designed to save them thousands of dollars per year, at absolutely no cost!

As a small business owner, you overcome challenges all day, and you didn’t go into business because it was simple; more importantly you didn’t start your company just to give away your hard-earned-money! At DIGIRIZE, we empower you with the knowledge you need to truly manage and control your processing costs. Plus, when it comes to high-risk business, retail and online, we've also got you covered with both innovative and cost-effective solutions (as long as you don't fall in the realm of our prohibited merchants list). Join DIGIRIZE to experience for yourself what we can do for your business today!

Travel & Digital

Travel and digital service companies are some of the most scrutinized business models when it comes to the credit card processing world. Exchanging goods that do not physically exist creates a “gray area” when it comes to certain elements such as:

  • Did the customer receive the service?
  • Is there proof that they did in fact receive it?
  • Do you have a timeline of how the transaction happened?

Our blockchain solution easily resolves these issues as everything is streamlined. It even goes as far as extracting IP addresses and data information from the buyer to show proof of purchase. If that doesn't interest you, we can help you streamline your business with our high-risk traditional solutions as well! Not being able to show proof of shipment because of a non-physical product/service being supplied shouldn't cost you your business or how you'd like to see it ran.

Our blockchain solution has been known to reduce chargebacks by over 30% due to the "omnichannel syncing" feature that streamlines all of your transactions securely. Inquire about how we can help your virtual business succeed today!

Wholesale Companies

The wholesale business generally involves a lot of volume and larger transactions of money to be sent or received, often multiple times a day. We believe the biggest issue in merchant processing for the wholesale vertical is banks restricting funds on transactions instead of allowing them to be funded in a timely manner.

Imagine being able to verify funds paid to your business almost instantly, allowing you to take the next step without having to wait days for funds to clear. At DIGIRIZE, we provide you with tools to improve your overall supply chain and how your business operates. With our blockchain solution, paying vendors and receiving large amounts of payment has never been more streamlined.

Take control of how your infrastructure works by issuing e-checks with ease, accepting and verifying large payments almost instantly, and most importantly having the flexibility to allocate funds the way you see fit. Take your wholesale business to the next level using the DIGIRIZE in-house blockchain solution today!

Subscription-Based Businesses

Subscription-based businesses operate like a continuously spinning wheel...the transactions just keep on coming! Most banks refuse to deal with high volume subscription companies as there is a lot of fraud detected in this market, and most businesses are guilty of purposely doing so. Unfortunately, it leaves the legally operating businesses without any solution for secure processing on a daily to monthly basis.

At DIGIRIZE, we qualify on an application-to-application basis and understand a multitude of situations that could otherwise be misconstrued...most importantly we have a blockchain solution that lowers chargebacks by about 30%! Let us assist you in getting your subscription-based business back to processing consistently, efficiently, but most of all securely!

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